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Jewish Matriarchs Buried in Hebron

On 26, Jun 2013 | In | By BTW

Jewish Matriarchs Buried in Hebron

Jewish Matriarchs Buried in Hebron

Hebron, Palestinian Authority

By Sarah Haya Dribben

Artist Sarah Haya Dribben’s work derives from her spiritual journey after emigrating to Israel from Argentina. She painted three murals in Hebron to show the history of the existence of the Jewish people in this area of the Palestinian Territory. This mural she painted as a community project with local children. The mural shows Abraham sacrificing Isaac, Sarah sitting in the tent with the baby, and Rebecca walking with the water bucket. The girls working with Dribben wanted the mural to also show the beginning of the people and the shepherds connected to Hebron. Three women are placed in center of the mural to honor the three matriarchs buried in Hebron: Sarah, Rebecca and Leah.

Dribben said, “Sarah is connected to the tent. She his connected to the soil. In essence, you live to know who you are. My name was changed in the middle of my life. When I opened the Bible for the first time and read in Hebrew, I cried a lot. I was very moved and when I got to the story of Sarah I knew that would be my name.”